April 8th, 2016

451 Research Reports on Neustar’s Strategy to Integrate the Universe of IoT

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For Neustar, reinvention is par for the course. As a new report from analyst group 451 Research shows, our history of innovation uniquely equips us to drive and support the Internet of Things.

Beginning as the sole entity responsible for the routing and porting of all telephone numbers in North America, Neustar soon augmented our business with a range of Internet services: marketing analytics and customer intelligence, managed DNS, top-level domain registry, DDoS protection, website performance, and fraud detection.

Running through every step of Neustar’s evolution as a company has been a single, common thread: our expertise as a neutral, authoritative provider of massively scaled identity registry services.

Today, we see this foundation as a natural fit for yet another stage in our growth: developing registry services for the Internet of Things (IoT). After all, IoT systems will depend on much of the supporting infrastructure and standards that today’s Internet services require. Which is precisely where we plan to apply our experience to an entirely new set of enterprise and consumer challenges.

Analyst group 451 Research recently took a close look at our strategy in this area and presented their findings in the report, Neustar’s IoT Strategy Connects Dots With Past and Present to Prepare for Its Future. It discusses how a confluence of elements is moving us in an increasingly clear direction to develop and support IoT. The report also examines our competitive differentiation and analyzes our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the area.

451 Research noted in particular that our marketing services in support of customer intelligence, targeting, and analytics allow us to bring a whole new level of IoT-enabled value to marketers. And with our expertise in DDoS mitigation, the group found, we have a distinct advantage in protecting critical IoT servers, devices, and systems.

As the analyst group concluded, these newer capabilities (and those currently in development), combined with our underpinnings as a neutral and trusted provider of addressing and identity management for the Internet, place us in a unique position to enable and integrate IoT systems on a massive scale. It’s a daring move. But it's one that we’re confident will allow us to support a number of new use cases and industries, and play an influential role in IoT's development.

Download the 451 Research report to learn more about Neustar’s IoT strategy.

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