March 12th, 2018

Chris Roosenraad Tapped to Join ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee

For Chris Roosenraad, Director of Product Management at Neustar, his appointment to the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is more than a professional accolade. His appointment represents the continuation of a personal crusade to carrying out ICANN’s mission of ensuring a safe and functioning Internet community.

“A lot of people forget that the Internet is a community,” Roosenraad said. “It’s a living, breathing, ecosystem where people from across the globe can unite and exchange ideas, thoughts, goods, and services that benefit all of humanity. But like any other community, it’s susceptible to bad actors who can exploit it and carry out unimaginable acts,” Roosenraad added.

Roosenraad’s last statement holds particular significance given the global conversation and implications of what’s taking place on the Internet.

It’s hard to read the news and not be inundated with stories of crippling Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, hostile countries weaponizing false stories in order to advance an agenda, and trolls using menacing websites to spew hatred upon others.

And those issues are just some that Roosenraad mentioned when asked what led him to want to get involved with ICANN and SSAC.

“At its core, ICANN has assumed responsibility for preserving the operational stability of the Internet and protecting the online community – as a whole,” Roosenraad said. “With my appointment to SSAC, I have the great honor of helping to make the Internet a safe environment, and I believe my background with technology, security and policy will enable me to fulfill the directive.”

In fact, it was the opportunity to expand on that skill set – technology, security, and policy – that led Roosenraad to Neustar.

“When I first expressed an interest in joining Neustar, I wanted to make sure that there was an explicit commitment on Neustar’s part to support endeavors such as joining ICANN and SSAC,” Roosenraad recalled. “And without hesitation, Neustar showed that they’re more than willing to commit time and resources to personal development as well as making the Internet better and safer.”

As proof of Neustar’s commitment to an improved Internet, Roosenraad cited the contributions that co-workers and fellow ICANN members, Becky Burr and Rodney Joffe, continue to make on behalf of all Internet users.  

“If you look at the privacy work that Becky is doing, and look at the cyber security work that Rodney continues to lead, it’s safe to say that Neustar has successfully developed a culture of security. And I think that’s critically important to the future of the Internet and its users,” Roosenraad said.  

Much like Burr and Joffe, Roosenraad is eager to pitch in and help SSAC improve Internet safety.

“For more than a decade, I’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy toward building communities to help people improve online child safety and protect the Internet from spam. Working with the SSAC will help me leverage those skills to try and make the world a better place – and that’s incredibly, professionally, satisfying.”

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