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Travel-related brands have long understood the importance of asking “business or pleasure” in their customer service interactions. Because the reason for travel changes a customer’s key motivations, it’s a key piece of information that should drive marketing decisions.

With its new Frequent Traveler audience, Neustar AdAdvisor gives marketers a new way to target this distinct group. The Frequent Traveler audience is created by analyzing the geolocation information associated with an IP, combining that with rich panel and survey data to create travel propensity scores, and then applying these scores to an audience of people who have actually traveled over 10 times in the last 12 months.*

By understanding the distinction between frequent travelers and leisure travelers, marketers can develop more compelling campaigns, improve how they engage and communicate with two different groups, and see increased marketing ROI.

Frequent travelers, defined as those who take 10+ trips per year, often do so for business rather than leisure. Because their reasons for travel are different, the services and products they need are different. And—you got it—that means they respond to very different marketing tactics. 

A Snapshot of the Frequent Traveler**

- Makes 10+ domestic trips per year, often for business

- Values reliability and convenience

- Responds to membership perks

- Interested in building a long-term relationship with a brand


With AdAdvisor Frequent Traveler marketers can:

  • Find frequent travelers by knowing what they enjoy: For example, a Michelin-rated restaurant in a popular travel destination could target frequent travelers who also enjoy fine dining. Or, a luxury brand could target frequent travelers who also enjoy shopping.
  • Get higher campaign ROI by reaching real travelers: The AdAdvisor Frequent Traveler audience gives you access to people who actually travel, not modeled audiences of people who enjoy the idea of travel.
  • Create custom audiences: By combining your own CRM data and AdAdvisor Frequent Traveler, you can create a custom audience that makes it easier to precisely target and convert customers.
  • Successfully launch a conquesting campaign: Target frequent travelers who prefer staying in a specific hotel chain, or flying on a certain airline. Understanding a traveler’s existing brand preferences is an important step in converting them to your brand.

The best way to build campaigns that resonate is by having a multi-dimensional understanding of your customer. With AdAdvisor Frequent Traveler, you can understand not only how often people travel, but also which airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies they prefer, and what activities they enjoy. Deliver the right message, at the right time, and start building a successful long-term relationship.

* Throughout the process Neustar adheres to Privacy by Design principles to ensure that our de-identified linkages do not personally identify a consumer or create profiles based on behavior across sites and over time.