February 13th, 2017

Going to RSA? Here’s What You Need to Know

“So, what did you learn at RSA?” Undoubtedly, they’re the seven words that’ll await you when you get back into the office. But rather than make something and attempt to bribe your co-workers or supervisors with all of the swag you picked up, Neustar is offering four different presentations to help you glean some knowledge.

Presentation #1:

“DDoS: The Past, Present and Future Outlook”
Speaker: Barrett Lyon, Head of Research and Development at Neustar and Founder of DDoS mitigation industry
Date: Wednesday, February 15, at 1pm
Description: In a world of unprecedented DDoS threats, security professionals must understand the DDoS tradecraft to develop effective strategies that protect their users and networks from attacks. Participants will learn how and why the DDoS mitigation industry was founded, how the DDoS landscape changed over time – and how history may be repeating itself, and we’ll look into the future of DDoS and security in a post-IoT world.

If you can’t make it to Barrett’s presentation on Wednesday, we’re offering daily presentations at our booth – N4227 – to help you drop some knowledge on your co-workers who couldn’t attend.

Here’s a little preview of some of the daily presentations and insights you’ll get at the booth:

Presentation #2

The Future of Security in a Connected World
Speaker: Joseph Loveless, Director Security Solutions Product Marketing
Description: If 2016 showed us anything it’s that the future can be a difficult thing to predict. Cyber attacks of unprecedented scale, rampant ransomware strikes, and online transaction fraud all hit new heights last year creating even more daunting security challenges. Being secure against such onslaughts is one thing, but how do you prepare for the security threats that lie ahead? Join us as we discuss the pragmatic steps and insights that can help you shape a security strategy built for what’s coming.

Presentation #3

DDoS Protection in an Age of Certain Uncertainty
Speaker: Bryant Rump, Senior Principal Security Solutions Engineer
Description: DDoS attacks not only make headlines, but they have also put targeted organizations on the front page. With the weaponization of IoT devices into large botnets, and many attacks accompanying other intrusion activities such as theft, the danger of these attacks has only increased. Effective defense is a must, but since each organization has its own specific requirements, “effective” can mean different things. Come chat with Neustar as we share global attack insights and considerations that can help you better defend your organization.

Presentation #4

UltraRecursive – Improved DNS Performance with Threat Protection
Speaker: Donald Lee, Senior Principal Security Solutions Engineer
Description: The DNS perimeter has drastically expanded as global workforces now utilize many devices to connect to the Internet. This expansion increases performance demands and limits the visibility into the threats that are targeting and infecting today’s networks, ultimately putting end users in harm’s way. Despite safety measures and security provisions, malware still bypasses network defenses, costing more time and money on cleanups – along with the performance issues end users will face. Learn how to identify and eliminate these gaps at the core of your DNS infrastructure to deliver a faster and safer online experience.

Make sure you stop by our booth, N4227, so you’re prepared to answer the tough questions when you go back into the office. And we’ll even through in some swag, because what’s RSA without the swag?!  


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