February 15th, 2017

RSA: Observations from the Show Floor

RSA 2017 is here and the buzz in the air is palpable. As you might expect, there’s more than enough excitement, swag and caffeine here to power your SOC or NOC for the next couple of years. But perhaps the most interesting thing taking place is the open exchange of information and ideas on the state of cybersecurity. With that being said…

Here are some of the key themes we’re hearing as we walk the show floor:

  1. Every company and solution is doing it faster, better and through a “single pane of glass.” This sort of commoditization is cyclical in security; and this newest cycle seems focused on streamlining infrastructure with security to optimize performance.
  2. The security industry has shifted its focus back toward identification and detection, instead of prevention, conceding that it is virtually impossible to prevent an attack without making a system unusable. This focus on identifying threats has a couple of interesting implications: no security companies believe they can truly stop an attack and no defense is perfect.
  3. DDoS attacks (and IoT as a corollary) have received a lot of attention as a result of Mirai and assorted outages that have occurred in the past six months. And although the premise of DDoS isn’t anything new, bad actors continue to create and innovate new ways to deploy this destructive tool. And with the rise of IoT (and the absence of IoT security), DDoS attacks will only become more powerful, as Mirai has demonstrated the ability to generate massive botnets for use in these attacks. Neustar is very aware of this challenge and working diligently to stay ahead of the curve.

So, how does this apply to Neustar, and our recent UltraRecursive service announcement?

The answer is simple: Defense in depth is key.

No defense is perfect. And with the growth of new devices running new operating systems, it is almost impossible to have an end-point security solution that can protect them all. So what you need is defense in depth, and you need host level defense at a network level. And since you can’t stop devices from becoming compromised, defense in depth provides an extra layer of security to keep the bad stuff at bay. UltraRecursive allows you to achieve these goals by widening the security perimeter while also delivering fast and reliable access to vital online applications. 

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