April 27th, 2016

The Rumors Are True, IoT Makes Security Harder

security pieces on surface like a chess board with hacker symbol highlighted

When does a rumor morph into fact? When it’s backed by numbers. Consider security research on the Internet of Things (IoT) reported separately this week by Gartner and Neustar. Combined, the findings further confirm what security professionals have speculated: IoT is breeding a whole new set of challenges.

Gartner on IoT Threats

This headline in ComputerWeekly gives you the basic idea: “IoT to Play a Role in More than a Quarter of Cyber Attacks by 2020, Says Gartner.” The research also reveals that IoT will account for less than 10 percent of security budgets, giving security providers scant incentive to develop effective protection. Suppliers will focus on reactive measures like spotting vulnerabilities and exploits, not long-term proactive approaches to fortifying IoT systems.

Neustar on DDoS and IoT

Neustar just released its April 2016 DDoS Attacks and Protection Report. It notes that 81 percent of companies invest in IoT were hit by DDoS attacks in the last 12 months, yet only 34 percent are focused on preventing IoT devices from being compromised. As IoT investment continues to explode, more DDoS attacks are expected to target connected devices and systems powering them.

The Neustar research also shows how many companies in IoT were attacked more than five times; how many suffered theft of data, funds, or intellectual property; and how many IoT companies in general are upping their DDoS protection spend. To get the full story, check out the report.

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