June 1st, 2016

Worried About Making The Move to Cloud Based Managed DNS Services? Part II

three puzzle pieces with letters D N S photo

This blog is day two of a three-piece series to answer the question, “What Holds Back Companies From Making The Switch To Cloud-Based Managed DNS Services?”

Yesterday we covered the false perception of loss of control. In today’s much shorter blog, we’ll discuss vendor response times/support issues.

As an external managed DNS provider, Neustar offers a number of options for managing DNS records and zones.  With those options, the concern of losing DNS control should be minimized.  That will also help minimize the concerns over vendor response time / communication and support.  After all, if the client is empowered to quickly respond to any issues that may arise, there will be a lesser need to contact support from the external DNS provider for help. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that support staff and fast response times are unimportant.  Companies looking into a managed DNS service provider should look for one that provides around the clock support for when the inevitable emergency situations occur.  Additionally, customers may also have non-technical questions that need to be addressed. In those cases, clients should consider working with a provider with a helpful sales staff that is both available and responsive.

Neustar’s world class support team works 24/7/365 to support our client’s DNS needs.  And of equal merit, Neustar’s support is included at no cost to the client.  If clients need to call into our support team regularly, there are no additional charges.  In addition, the Neustar support team has SLA’s surrounding response times and resolution times to ensure that your website remains fully functional. 

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