Case Study

Business Objective

All Saints Retail Ltd is a fashion retailer founded in 1994, specializing in leatherwear for men and women. Since inception, it has developed a global presence with over 120 stores in 12 countries. All Saints also has a strong online presence selling to customers globally through its e-commerce website.

The global nature of the brand demands that the All Saints website be high performing at all times to deliver an effortless user experience, not just for e-commerce purposes but as an extension of the All Saints brand image.

“The All Saints domain name is our customers’ first interaction with the brand. We want them to be directed to our site swiftly and seamlessly, no matter where they are in the world. Our previous DNS provider was based in one country and so our customers around the world were experiencing slow website performance. For an e-commerce site such as ours, this can be critical as customers are not prepared to wait for webpages to load,” explains David Blane, Ecommerce Systems Administrator, All Saints.


All Saints migrated to the Neustar UltraDNS® service which provides 100% website availability, optimal performance, and built-in security for superior protection that is scalable to future demands.

“Sometimes getting the customer to the point where they load the website is more important than what the website contains. We chose Neustar Ultra DNS for its speed and performance,” says Blane. Backed by a powerful global directory platform and a highly redundant network with no single points of failure, Neustar UltraDNS has an extensive global infrastructure.

As an element of ensuring the All Saints website is ‘always on,’ Neustar UltraDNS’ comprehensive security features protect the site from all external threats. “DDoS attacks can be costly for a retail site so having this protection included in the service gives us peace of mind that we will never have downtime and our customers are protected.” Added Blane.


“Neustar has excellent architecture which ensures zero downtime. This is so important for All Saints but something we struggled to gain from other providers. UltraDNS was integrated in a controlled and planned environment with no disruption to trade.” adds Blane

“During the migration period the Neustar team were very responsive and they have a great depth of knowledge, so you feel like you are in safe hands.”

All Saints can now continue to expand globally safe in the knowledge it can rely on the extremely scalable UltraDNS network.