Case Study


For dianomi, accuracy matters. As the global leader in financial content marketing, seven out of the top ten global asset managers depend on dianomi to accurately place their sponsored content on websites preferred by private investors, professional investors and c-suite executives. With 2 billion native ad impressions and more than 250 clients depending on dianomi to provide geo-located targeted delivery to qualified financial audiences, accuracy is a must – not a nicety.

In response to increasing demand for their specialized services, dianomi needed to double-down on its conceptualized a delivery method that could connect premium financial advisers with an affluent audience who are looking to discover valuable financial content.

And that’s when the search for an accurate geolocation provider intensified.


“We were very objective in our selection process. All we knew was that we needed the best,” said Cabell de Marcellus, Chief Technology Officer at dianomi. “We tested Neustar IP Intelligence versus other providers and Neustar was the best value for the money,” Cabell de Marcellus concluded.

Neustar IP Intelligence offers accurate and dynamic geolocation service, enabling dianomi to deliver tailored content worldwide. By using advanced location and IP data filtering, dianomi can now track recipient response rate and produce success metrics such as click through rate and cost per action.

In addition to ensuring the right people read the right content, Neustar IP Intelligence empowered dianomi to detect and address fraudulent behavior, such as robot clicks that could hurt dianomi’s ability to place content in front of people, not machines.


Better accuracy. Better results. Better value.

“We appreciate the full transparency that Neustar IP Intelligence provides,” de Marcellus said. “Identifying and eliminating robot clicks is an increasingly important issue,” he added.

For dianomi, the future holds extraordinary promise. As businesses and brands continue to produce financial content marketing pieces for their niche audiences, they’ll continue to depend on dianomi and Neustar IP Intelligence for better accuracy, better results, and better value.