Case Study

For more than 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has been a trusted source for car buyers and sellers. Nearly 1 out of every 3 buyers in the U.S. visit for pricing, trade-in value, reviews, loan options and more. With site traffic growing over 200% — to the tune of 60 million queries and 200 million web pages served monthly — the company’s homegrown DNS started to wobble a bit to keep up with the pace.

“When we hosted DNS ourselves, there were various DNS registry errors and it was difficult to make sure our DNS servers were available 100 percent of the time,” said Grant Leathers, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure. “This resulted in outages.”

It was time to give their website a more reliable foundation. KBB chose Neustar UltraDNS to assure uptime and revenue. Since then, their site has experienced no DNS-related outages.

Seeing Immediate Dividends

“We can measure how much revenue is lost by the minute,” Grant said. “So it was easy to determine that there was a positive return on investment based on reduced outages.”

KBB also saw faster query resolution times and reduced network latency, along with stronger DNS security. UltraDNS offers built-in protection against viruses, DDoS attacks and other threats. “When there was a serious DNS virus going around, we were not impacted,” Grant said.

Thanks to detailed reporting, KBB manages DNS traffic with greater visibility. And with no manual effort except DNS registry changes, Grant’s team now has more time to dedicate to other priorities.

During a data-center migration, “We used UltraDNS to move traffic in a methodical way, without impacting users. … And we virtually spend no time managing external DNS. UltraDNS is very simple to manage and use.”

Set It and Forget It

All told, incorporating UltraDNS has been a big success for Kelley Blue Book and has helped make Grant’s work life easier.

“DNS is just one of those things that I don’t have to think about anymore. I have enough to worry about, so if I can outsource a critical component of my infrastructure and not worry about it, that is a huge win for me.” To see how UltraDNS can ease your everyday responsibilities and provide a stronger framework for your company’s website, learn more at