Case Study

The Challenge

As a company that provides an online Wallet Name Service for multiple blockchain and bitcoin services, Netki is keenly aware of the risky and target-rich hacker environment in which it operates. As a result, Netki proactively took steps to incorporate privacy, security and availability in every layer of its cloud-based solution.

To achieve high-level security, Netki sought a DNS provider whose security and infrastructure was not only capable of scaling beyond just a platform perspective, but also capable of providing advanced functionality and support.

“We had very specific requirements with respect to scalability, reliability, security, reputation, and the ability to do everything we needed via an application program interface (API). When we evaluated the vendors in the space, Neustar UltraDNS was the only service that could meet all of our diverse needs,” Newton said.

Why Neustar?

For Newton, the selection process was simple: “It was important to us that we could do the entire process of onboarding and managing a partner end to end programmatically over the API. So as our business scales, we didn’t want to become limited by manual process with its limitations and propensity for higher error rates. Neustar UltraDNS had the only secure, scalable platform that could support us in this end to end.”

DNS security extensions, or DNSSEC, secures and protects DNS from cache poisoning and other malicious DNS attacks. By providing an auto- key sign and rotation feature that allows Netki to quickly “sign” and authenticate the zones, Netki’s users have confidence their assets are sent to the right place.

The Result

Efficiency through simplicity. With Neustar UltraDNS’ API driven DNSSEC capabilities, the signing process that could take hours – if not days – just takes minutes. And the manual intervention that would otherwise be required wouldn’t be able to scale to meet the needs of a growing ecosystem.

“We’re seen as a company that creates standards,” Newton proclaimed. “ Neustar UltraDNS was the solution we chose to ensure the solutions that we are providing meet the needs of one of the fastest growing technology sectors,” he added.

As the global market for blockchain technology increases, Netki is well positioned to provide product and services for every need. “Blockchain technology represents the future of how business will be instantaneously transacted, and with UltraDNS at the very core of our service, we’re positioned to meet that growing need,” Newton concluded.