Case Study

Business Objective

Founded in 2005, NetRefer is a leading provider of performance marketing software. NetRefer has steadily grown year on year, and established itself as a market leader in its field. Today the company is widely recognised as the provider of the most complete and trusted performance marketing software in industries such as iGaming, Forex, Finance and Option Trading verticals.

NetRefer enables its customers a front end visibility to track revenue, user sign up and user pathways. As such, failure to provide a service that is available 24:7:365 could have a negative impact on a customer’s perception of NetRefer’s capabilities. NetRefer understands the importance of ensuring its web domain is always up and instantly available for customers in order to maintain a relationship of trust. In addition to peace of mind about the availability of its domain, NetRefer also uses data analytics for reporting purposes.

“We often need in-depth analytics and the ability to drill down deeper into data sets for reporting,” said Christian Cutajar, IT Manager at NetRefer. “Therefore, we needed a provider that included this in the solution package. We had a DNS provider before Neustar but they were unable to offer this ability alongside the typical DNS features,” Cutajar concluded.


Neustar UltraDNS offers the highest degrees of network integrity.

NetRefer choose Neustar UltraDNS to enable and protect its online presence through 100% website availability, optimal performance and built-in security for superior protection. By utilizing database replication and advanced routing, rather than native BIND implementations, UltraDNS offers the highest degrees of reliability, security and performance. UltraDNS is backed by a powerful global services directory that ensures high performance and low latency.

“We chose Neustar for its reliability, visibility and reporting across all domains,” added Cutajar. “Neustar is a leader in the web security space and so the decision was easy for us. It provides the right solution with cost effective pricing.”


NetRefer has relied on Neustar’s UltraDNS protection for seven years, and has never encountered any problems.

“We recently had a DDoS attack on the Neustar infrastructure and this was rectified immediately – Neustar is very effective,” says Cutajar.

When remembering the Neustar trial period, Cutajar says: “It was very fluent. Whilst we were getting acquainted with the advanced Neustar features, the team was great. The technical team is very knowledgeable and you often learn things from them that you didn’t know before.”

NetRefer can now uphold its brand image as a trusted provider of affiliate marketing software safe in the knowledge that its customers will have a flawless online experience with Neustar.