Case Study

The Challenge

Real estate is driven by three factors: supply, demand, and immediacy. And in today’s connected world, where a property might be available now and taken tomorrow, the moment of now could be the difference between loving where you live or living where it’s tolerable.

Amidst a housing boom in Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2013, Asif Ghafoor sensed that tension and created Spacious, a platform that connects people who are looking for properties to buy or rent with people who have properties to lease or sell.

“Our value proposition is to make the process of buying, renting or selling a property simple and efficient by combining superior user experience with powerful analytical tools for market comparison and relevant, up-to-date content,” said Ghafoor.

As Spacious would soon realized, the housing market doesn’t rest. With so many properties quickly changing status, Spacious needed to reflect those changes in real-time, but slow website speeds and sluggish website functionality threatened Spacious’ value proposition.

“We began looking for a new DNS solution as we were having a few issues with our existing provider,” Ghafoor recalled. “We needed a DNS provider that could guarantee optimal website uptime, reliability and security whether the clients were looking on mobile, app or PC,” Ghafoor added.

Enter Neustar UltraDNS®.

The Solution

Neustar UltraDNS provides Spacious with availability, reliability and security. Backed by 100 percent website availability and a powerful, global network of 30 nodes, UltraDNS gives Spacious the scalable and high-performance network needed to keep up with the demands of their clients and prospective clients.

As an enhancement, Spacious opted to include UltraDNS’s Directional DNS, a service designed for enterprises that want to reap the benefits of a robust, comprehensive traffic-shaping solution without the burdens of a large, complex infrastructure.

Neustar UltraDNS Directional DNS allows enterprises to send website visitors to specific servers based on their geographic location. This means Spacious now delivers geographically specific content and images to its end users, expediting site performance while improving the end-user experience.

The Results

For Spacious, faster website results leads to more information and better decision-making. The real-estate company can now combine the superior experience with powerful analytical tools and relevant content to make the process of buying, renting or selling a property simple and efficient.

“Before we moved to UltraDNS, we would experience a website issue such as slowness every two weeks, in some cases, the DNS just stopped responding,” Ghafoor said. “But since we’ve been with Neustar, our availability is now one of our biggest assets,” he added.

Working with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry, including Savills, Knight Frank, QFang, and other international clients, Spacious is keenly aware that availability and first impressions can matter most.

“We pride ourselves on having the best end-to-end user experience in the local market,” said Ghafoor. “And Neustar helps us guarantee this by offering constant availability and reliability, fast uptime and robust security. We’re well positioned to continue growing, both in reputation and locations served,” Ghafoor proclaimed.

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