Case Study

“The key problem we were trying to remedy was insurance policy purchases outside our territorial limits,” says Steven Gaywood, Head of Counter Fraud and Product Design for Swiftcover. The online insurance company is restricted to UK sales. If they sell to customers abroad, they risk substantial fines.

“I would absolutely recommend Neustar IP Intelligence.”

When all sales occur online, it’s harder to confirm that every policy is indemnified for the customer making the purchase. “Using travel insurance as an example,” says Steven, “we needed to know that the physical purchase of the travel insurance product is happening in the UK, and that the start and end of the trip must also be in the UK.”

Swiftcover solves the problem with GeoPoint data from Neustar IP Intelligence. By breaking down IP addresses, Neustar locates users by country, city, postal code and much more. In all, there are over 30 GeoPoint attributes, some going beyond location – for example, connection speed, Mac or PC and the presence of proxy servers.

“I would absolutely recommend the service provided by Neustar to peers in the industry,” says Steven. “Geolocated IP data is a tricky area to get right, but the usefulness of Neustar’s data to the service we offer to our customers cannot be overstated.”

“The accuracy of Neustar data” makes the difference.

Adds Steven, “Within a short space of time, it was clear that the accuracy of the data provided by Neustar would enable us to have complete confidence that all the insurance products we sell in the United Kingdom would be indemnified for customers we are selling to."

“Not only are we confident that we’re providing the right level of service, but our customers can also have confidence that they qualify for the insurance products they are purchasing.”

Swiftcover uses Neustar to fight fraud, too. With the same IP data, the company finds inconsistencies, flags suspicious transactions and takes the appropriate action. All without hurting service to legit customers. It’s one more way to build confidence and shield the bottom line.