Case Study

The Challenge

Unicept Data Limited provides co-location and hosting services; ranging from physical and virtual server hosting, network configuration management and managed co-location including security and data backup services. They specialize in hosting mission-critical data and applications in a secure, stable and scalable environment. Based in Malta, Unicept Data Limited was launched in early summer, 2015.

“At Unicept Data Limited, we’re a small and very flexible service provider. This means we can be highly service-oriented as we provide our customers with managed solutions that are fully transparent and highly reliable,” says Jason Bonnici, CTO at Unicept Data Limited.

Unicept Data Limited’s customers are mainly online gaming operators, which have their own unique set of requirements when it comes to hosting services.

“Online gaming companies are particularly liable to suffer DDoS attacks because there is a lot of money involved. If their gaming site goes down, players will probably be quick to move over to another site in order to carry on playing. An operator can lose thousands of Euros to its competitors every minute they are offline, not to mention the financial recoil this might have on the operator itself,” explains Bonnici.

“Although the attacks can be perpetrated by competitors, it may also be hackers trying to extort payment or even individuals messing around for fun. Either way, an attack on one of Unicept Data’s clients has the capability to take us down with it.”

The Neustar Solution

When it first opened for business, Unicept Data did not experience any DDoS attacks for the first few months. This might have been because, as a start-up company, it ‘flew below the radar’ when it came to being a target. However, as client numbers increased, both Unicept Data and its customers were more likely to attract the attention of attackers.

Sure enough, one of its gaming operator customers did come under attack, but Unicept Data moved fast to find a solution. After thoroughly researching the market, the company came across Neustar SiteProtect NG.

“We chose SiteProtect as our DDoS protection service because, unlike the service that often comes packaged with a DNS type cloud protection, Neustar connects directly with Unicept Data’s own equipment. This makes it better while being more secure,” says Bonnici.

The Results

Since partnering with Neustar, all of Unicept Data’s clients have enjoyed uninterrupted service. “So far, so good,” says Bonnici. “We have fool-proof and comprehensive DDoS protection from Neustar. We are prepared for anything that might come our way,” he added.

“Neustar was very helpful from a technical point of view during the setup process and the company is also very flexible – working late is not a problem, which makes us feel very well supported,” Bonnici concluded.