Case Study (an division) is a brand made famous for speedy service and a great customer experience, often processing orders and delivering to homes in 24-48 hours. “Keeping a server up without much traffic isn’t that difficult,” says Kris Ongbongan, Systems Manager, “but growing and scaling a site like ours is hard.”

“Explosive growth” explains why the online retailer of footwear, clothing and more sought a stronger, more reliable DNS solution. “To handle billions of requests a week, we needed an external DNS infrastructure that is both robust and easy to manage,” says Kris.

“During the holidays, a DNS failure would be significant for our bottom line.”

Zappos chose Neustar UltraDNS for three reasons: fast, reliable performance, guaranteed uptime and ease of use. In fact, switching over “was less than an hour’s work — completing a zone pull and having the registers point to UltraDNS.”

Since switching, Zappos has never experienced a DNS-related outage. “DNS is one less piece for us to worry about. During the holidays, a DNS failure would be very significant for our bottom line,” says Kris. The effect would be long-lasting. “Half of our customers are repeat customers. We’re very reliant on them.”

“We went form managing multiple server to managing zero servers.”

Zappos has seen a 60 percent reduction in DNS maintenance time. Says Kris, “We went from managing multiple servers to managing zero servers.” And since they no longer fall behind on security patches and other upgrades, their DNS is better protected against growing threats.

Performance, availability and DNS security. Extreme scalability. Revenue assurance. For all these reasons and more, Kris is one happy Systems Manager. “At the end of the day, it’s all about peace of mind. More than anything, that’s exactly what Neustar delivers.”