Neustar has the experience, data quality, coverage, professional services and financial strength to support any organization with IP decisioning data– from a small business to a large global corporation.

Proprietary Global Data Collection Network

We collect IP data across 7 countries on 5 continents. The amount and variety of sources and "freshness" means that final IP assignments are based on “evidence” and not just scraped from registries. Plus, updates are made around the clock to ensure the IP decisioning data you use is as current and accurate as possible.

Advanced Refinement and Processing

We use patented proprietary technologies and algorithms to ensure complete and accurate data collection, tracking and mapping on every routable IP address across the globe. And by augmenting our IP geolocation data with insights derived from our partners and customers, we provide superior, granular city level data down to zip+5 postal codes.

Insight On Over 99.99% of Routable IPs Worldwide

Neustar’s IP Intelligence delivers accurate insight and more than 30 attributes including data on what DMA, city, state or country an IP is coming from, how that IP is connected to the Internet, if it is coming via an anonymous proxy, its IP attributes, and the risk and reputation of that IP address.


Verified by a Team of Network Geography Analysts

Automation alone cannot map the Internet - deep understanding by experts who speak the language of IP Intelligence is necessary. We complement our advanced technology with a team of experts in the field who know how to recognize abbreviations and decode patterns so provide you with the highest quality decisioning data available.

Flexible Delivery Options

IP GeoPoint data is delivered as an on-premise solution, a data file /.CSV or as an on-demand web service that is hosted by Neustar. The choice is yours.

Dedicated, Personalized Support You Can Count On

Unlike competitors who don’t accept support requests via phone call, Neustar has a team of dedicated pre and post integration professionals available around the clock either by phone or email, to assist you with your integration or maintenance questions.



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