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Neustar IP Reputation enables you to understand the risk associated with the IP address being used to originate online transactions. This means you can detect malicious online activity, quickly and easily, without losing good business or adding friction your customer’s experience.

Neustar uses a simple rating system to rank the risk of online activities, based on an IP address, from low to high risk. Whether you are an online merchant, content provider, online gambling/gaming operator, or authorization service, identify risky transactions and determine if you should allow, review or block a transaction. With IP Reputation you're in control.


More Easily Prevent:

Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud

Determine the risk associated with an IP address before allowing an online transaction.

Ad Click Fraud

Combat the practice of serving ads not to be viewed but to run up ad costs or overtake ad space.

Registration Fraud

Determine if the user registering for an account (or the lead generated) is legit.

Transaction Fraud

Verify that financial transactions come from a legitimate IP address.

Malicious Traffic

Prevent bad traffic and malicious activity.


IP Reputation

Neustar’s IP Reputation transforms static IP data and behavior patterns into a global authoritative source of risk scoring data on IP addresses worldwide. Neustar's reputation decisioning data is based on insight from billions of queries we see per day across markets including financial services, streaming media/OTT content distribution, advertising, insurance, gaming, government, healthcare and more. This ensures that when a decision is made to identify an IP address as risky, that decision will be made using the most insightful IP reputation data available.

Two Powerful Scores

Real-User Score

We assign a score between 1 and 5. To arrive at this score, we analyze usage patterns across key industries as well as collection of non-human activity (e.g. server and botlists) to differentiate real end-user (human) traffic from non-human (bot) traffic. The higher the number (e.g. 5), the more likely the traffic is "non-human".

Risk Score

We assign a risk score between 1 and 100. This score provides insight about the risk of the IP address being associated with malicious activity from IP threat intelligence sources. The higher the risk score (e.g. 100), the more likely the IP has been associated with nefarious activity.


IP Reputation in Action


2 Ways to Activate

Neustar IP Reputation can be accessed via a Restful API service call to our hosted web service. You can also request as a data feed for integration into an existing database.

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Client Success

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Learn how one of the world's largest movie theater chains used our solution to enforce the "one ticket, one movie" policy for their video-on-demand (VOD) service.

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