The hallmark of an exceptional online customer journey is a “frictionless” experience at every point of customer interaction - from registration to checkout. With Neustar’s IP GeoPoint decisioning data, not only can you accurately determine the location of a new prospect, but returning customers can be accurately located at each step in the journey thus reducing the need for high friction knowledge based authentication (KBA) and identity verification processes.

How can Neustar’s IP Intelligence help your team?

Product Manager

Your challenge is to make sure both prospects and customers have the best possible experience on your site. Not only must you be able to accurately determine where a prospect or customer is located using their IP address, but you must also be able to determine if the IP is being used by a human or if it is originating from a non-human (e.g. bot). IP GeoPoint and IP Reputation decisioning data enables you to either block an IP from accessing your site, while seamlessly providing access to good, returning customers.

Platform Architect

Since you are responsible for selecting the IP decisioning data that will be integrated into the platform, you need to be confident the IP data provider has the resources to support both your internal team, and the data quality to help your fraud teams identify and block bad actors. Neustar not only has insight on over 99.99% of all routable IPs, but they have a professional services team available 24 x 7 to help you during design, production, QA and maintenance.


In addition to tracking metrics including conversion, retention, revenue and growth, your team is measured by customer satisfaction and loyalty as measured by the annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. Since customer experience has a significant impact on satisfaction, integrating accurate decisioning data that will reduce customer friction is important to you. IP GeoPoint not only reduces friction throughout the online experience, but it gives your Marketing team the ability to develop specific campaigns and promotions based on the user’s location, anywhere in the world.

Customer Care

Customer Care is the team that handles questions – and complaints- about your company’s online offers. If a prospect cannot create an account, your team gets the call from an irate user. If a current customer is being blocked from accessing their account, your team gets the call from the irate customer. If inaccurate IP geolocation data leads to a customer unnecessarily being locked out of his account – or sent to a fraud review queue - you know that will impact the customer experience and drive up your call volume. Accurate high quality IP geolocation data not only helps customers, but it helps lighten the load of the customer care team.


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