Use IP GeoPoint geolocation data to accurately identify a user’s physical location. “Geo-authentication” enables you to restrict access to premium content including channel line-ups, live streaming events and video on demand. Access can be restricted by DMA or MSA, or by city, state or country. The choice is yours.

How can Neustar’s IP Intelligence help your team?

Content Delivery

Letting unauthorized viewers access your restricted content not only impacts your bottom line, but it can also jeopardize your licensing agreements. IP GeoPoint ensures that the right viewers and subscribers have access to your content.

Legal and Compliance

Unauthorized viewer access to restricted content, including channel line-ups, live streaming events and video on demand, can put your company at risk of violating the very same licensing agreements that you worked so hard to negotiate. IP GeoPoint ensures that your organization is accurately delivering content to meet the terms of your agreements.

Product Management

Even the most advanced content delivery platform designed to deliver IPTV, OTT, VOS and LTE broadcast media is only as good at the IP geolocation decisioning data at its foundation. High-quality IP GeoPoint decisioning data helps ensure that your customer’s have access to their content and that their experience is as frictionless as possible.

Data Science/Data Analysis

Since location accuracy is paramount to the success of your company’s media delivery service, ensuring that you are using the highest quality IP geolocation decisioning data is critical. Since your team is responsible for reviewing and approving the data vendor, make sure that you standardize on the best IP geolocation data provider in the industry – Neustar.


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