IP GeoPoint data provides you the IP decisioning data you need to accurately determine where a user is located before they access your website, or download content or software. This geo-compliance power is critical for organizations that are bound by regulatory mandates that prohibit access from users in high risk regions or countries. Don’t risk legal fees, fines and/or penalties – protect your assets with IP GeoPoint decisioning data.

How can Neustar’s IP Intelligence help your team?


It’s critical that your team implements access controls so that your organization complies with not only US regulatory mandates (financial, healthcare, etc.), but also with the rapidly changing security restrictions in today’s global economy (U.S. Dept. of Treasury, FBI etc.). IP GeoPoint provides IP insight into 99.99% of all routable IPs worldwide, so authorized users gets the access they need, while those coming from restricted locations or countries are immediately blocked.

Legal and Compliance

It can appear harmless enough, but the simple act of downloading of a help file by a user located in a restricted country (as classified by the US government), can lead to fines, penalties and even time in prison. IP GeoPoint ensures that your organization is using the highest quality IP geolocation data to identify the location of a user before they are granted access to any corporate assets.

Platform Product Management

Even the most advanced security and access controls designed to protect your website platform are only as good at the IP geolocation decisioning data at its foundation. High-quality IP GeoPoint data helps you design decisioning flows that provide your good customers with fast and frictionless access to assets, while quickly blocking access to those users coming from high risk locations. IP GeoPoint data provides you with the data quality you need to make sure your platform can support the growing demands of the business.

Platform Architect

Ensuring that you’re using the highest quality IP geolocation decisioning data in your platform is critical. Since your team is responsible for reviewing and approving the IP decisioning data vendor, make sure that you standardize on the best IP geolocation data provider in the industry – Neustar.


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