For online gaming and gambling operators, knowing the actual location of your players can mean the difference between success and failure. You must be able to accurately determine where a player is really located in order to make sure they are not coming in from a country that is restricted per your operator’s license, or via an IP address that presents unacceptable risk to your organization.

How can Neustar’s IP Intelligence help your team?


Letting players from restricted countries on your gaming site can put your operator’s license at risk. IP Intelligence provides you with 100% confidence that only players from approved locations can access your site and that you are in compliance with license operating conditions. Plus with insight into how a player’s IP is connecting to the internet, you can block access from any players trying to hide their location by using an anonymous proxy or connecting via a tor browser.

Legal and Compliance

Allowing players to access your site from a restricted country can lead to fines and even the loss of your gaming operator’s license. Neustar’s IP Intelligence data makes it easy to reconfigure IP “geo-fences” so you can ensure you are in compliance with all location-based regulatory mandates and gaming restrictions.

Platform Product Management

You need superior IP data to accurately determine the location of a player and if they should be allowed to access your site. You also need insight into the risk associated with the IP so that you can quickly allow good players (with low risk) to place their bets, while putting high risk players in a review queue or placing limits on their activities or bets. It also allows you to present your best players with special offers and promotions to keep them engaged and active on your site.

Fraud and Risk

Since location accuracy is one of the key components of a successful Fraud Prevention program, using the highest quality IP geolocation data is critical. You really can’t afford to get it wrong from both a compliance and risk perspective. In addition, you need insight into how an IP is connecting to the Internet to assess risk. IP Intelligence data enables your marketing team to attract good players with new offers and promotions, while allowing your team to identify and block play by "bad actors".


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