Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Ensure your site stays up so customers always have the opportunity to make a purchase.

The customer journey has changed dramatically over the course of the digital age, especially for retailers and CPG companies. With customers buying products online at greater rates each year, your website is a vital channel for consumers to learn more about your products and increase your revenue stream if you operate an e-commerce site.

But that all becomes a moot point if hackers take down your site with a DDoS attack or target your DNS. Every minute your site is down means lost revenue you can’t get back. According to our latest cyber security industry report, hackers are getting more targeted with their attacks, resulting in higher success rates because they are learning where your vulnerabilities lie. Accelerate your defensive strategy with our industry-leading Security Solutions to guard against an attack. And when you want to ensure your site can handle an uptick in traffic, our Website Performance Management solution can keep your site operating at peak performance, even during periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so consumers don’t get frustrated with a slow site and abandon their shopping cart.


Financial Services

Make sure you’re always open for business, while knowing who’s on the other side of your interaction.

Financial institutions and insurance companies are constantly trying to balance the importance of cyber security and a frictionless customer experience. You want to encourage your customers to take advantage of the convenience of self-service digital interactions, while benefiting from the operational efficiencies that provides. But with the constant threat of cyber attacks lurking out there, knowing what is and isn’t legitimate traffic, in real time, can be the difference between a good day or making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Financial institutions represent one of the most desirable targets for cyber thieves, which is why your cyber security defenses need to be world class. Our industry-leading Security Solutions employ the world’s largest cloud-based DDoS mitigation network to combat even the biggest and most sophisticated attacks from hackers. Our UltraDNS and Recursive DNS solutions are enterprise-grade to give your organization the security, reliability and performance you need to stay up and running during a DDoS attack. Your customers will appreciate the zero downtime while they conduct business on your network. And when you need to take proactive measures on IP decisioning to determine if you should deliver media, block user access or tag an address as risky, no one can beat Neustar IP Intelligence, which is the authoritative source on 99.99% of routable IP addresses worldwide.



Ensure prospective car buyers always have access to your site.

Your website is a vital marketing asset for car buyers looking for an SUV, hybrid, truck, all-electric, sports car or crossover, providing important information about your vehicles. What kind of brand impression would it leave if your website was down during their consideration process? You have to stay engaged with your potential buyers all the way through the customer journey to make sure they keep your brand top-of-mind.

If 100% uptime is your goal, and we can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be, incorporating our Enterprise DNS services are the best way to make sure car buyers and car owners looking for parts or services can get the information they need. In addition, the connected car is changing the way automakers think about big data and IoT security. One report estimated that by 2020, the market for data leveraged from automobiles will reach $14.5 billion. With Neustar Trusted Device Identity (TDI), you have a strong and reliable level of identity authentication management to guard you from an attack designed to compromise a network of connected devices, in this case, your customers’ vehicles.


Travel & Hospitality

Secure your online presence from hackers and give your travelers a first-class customer experience.

Often, you only have a few seconds to grab a traveler’s attention when they go online to look for their next vacation or business trip. Now imagine what would happen if your site was down right when they were looking to book their reservation? Not only is that lost revenue, it also negatively impacts your brand reputation. And for the demanding modern consumer who expects everything to work smoothly at all times when they’re online, it represents a likely one-way ticket to your competition.

Neustar’s industry-leading “always on, always ready” Security Solutions ensure you have the most advanced DDoS mitigation tools including Neustar SiteProtect NG, creating a layer of protection that allows your customers to stay connected, reduces the threat of theft, and guards your bottom line. Our Website Performance Management for 24/7 website monitoring, empowers you to find and fix bottlenecks and other website performance deficiencies. And when you need to discern between legitimate and suspicious traffic, no one can compete with Neustar IP Intelligence, with insights into 99.99% of routable global IP addresses.


Communications & Technology

Whether you’re an industry leader or a startup, you need cyber security protection that’s cutting edge.

It’s on the mind of every C-level executive in charge of securing your organization’s network. When is someone going to try and attack us? As shown in our 2017 cyber security report, DDoS attacks are getting more targeted, efficient and effective. In 92% of attacks, it only took one breach to the company for theft to occur, and 76% of organizations reported being attacked multiple times. If you have an app, the bad guys have a favorite tactic that exploits deficiencies in Layer 7, making the adoption of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) a vital key toward a multi-layered defensive strategy. In addition, detection times are getting slower, and in a world where everything moves at lightning speed, that could mean an average loss in revenue of $250,000 every hour you’re down.

Neustar’s proprietary threat intelligence solutions help you build stronger defenses against a cyber attack, hastening your response time since our DDoS mitigation and DNS services are always on and always ready to respond when malicious activity is detected. It’s also the only DDoS mitigation network with 10+ Tbps capacity, designed to take on even the largest attacks. And if you’re a company with a network of connected devices, a network that’s expected to reach more than 20 billion by 2020, Neustar Trusted Device Identity (TDI) is next generation identity management solution designed to help you authenticate, lock down, quarantine and recover your network of devices in the event of an attack.