Recursive DNS FAQs


What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) is the translation of human friendly computer names (such as websites) to computer IP addresses in a way computers understand. Once armed with an IP address, your computer can communicate directly with it's intended destination.

What is Recursive DNS?

Recursive DNS refers to the portion of the overall DNS system that, when asked for the IP address of a specific domain name, will get the answer. Sometimes, these recursive servers will have the answer cached in memory and respond immediately. Other times, the recursive server will have to start querying authoritative servers to get the answer. DNS Advantage provides this FREE service to ensure you receive the answers on where to go in a quick, efficient, and safe manner.

What is Authoritative DNS?

Authoritative DNS refers to the servers in the Domain Name System that are responsible for giving the "authoritative" IP address for the domain name you are asking for or telling you where else you should look for that answer. If you have experience registering domain names, the DNS servers you provide with a registration for a particular domain are "authoritative" for that domain.

Neustar is the industry leading provider of authoritative DNS through it's "Managed External DNS" service. Our customers include, Oracle,, and

Getting Started/ Configuration

How do I set up my computer to use DNS Advantage?

If you have a router, we recommend changing your setting there so that all the computers attached to that router will automatically be updated. However, if you would like to modify your computer instead, please follow the instructions for your particular operating system. Instructions can be found in the Switch Now section.

Do I need to change my DNS settings in individual programs like my Web browser and/or email program?

No. Individual programs typically rely on the DNS settings of their operating systems.

How do I stop using DNS Advantage?

DNS Advantage can be removed from your system by simply changing your DNS server settings back to their original settings.

Domain Blocking

What websites does DNS Advantage block?

Currently, we only block third-party verified sites that are potentially harmful to your computer. Typically, these are sites known to try and install viruses and other types of malware.

I found a website DNS Advantage should be blocking. What should I do?

We do our best to stay on top of the growing list of blocked domains. However, there may be some that we don't protect against yet. We are in the process of creating a mechanism to submit these types of websites to us.

How can I get my website off the "blocked" list?

If you own a website that is currently being blocked, and you feel that it should not be, please contact us through the Contact Us form on this site.

What if I don't want a specific domain blocked?

We are currently working on implementing user-defined block lists and white lists, along with a host of other features. Watch this website to learn more about new functionality as we add it.


I typed in the DNS numbers you listed in my browser, but nothing showed up. What's wrong?

The IP addresses and are not configured to display a website. This is done for performance and security reasons.


Who should use DNS Advantage?

DNS Advantage is for everyone -- especially those who are interested in a more reliable, faster, and safer Internet experience!

How much does this cost?

Nothing. DNS Advantage is a FREE service.

Why is it free?

UltraDNS is a recognized leader in the Authoritative DNS Space be that at the Root, TLD, or SLD level. Our customers look to us to help them help their customers - providing a faster, safer, and more reliable Recursive DNS service does just that. In addition, by offering this service, we give our Authoritative Customers greater confidence that their customers are actually reaching them.

Is there any software to install?

No. DNS Advantage is the industry-leading recursive DNS service. To use this service, a small change must be made to your network settings for your operating system. This can be done at any time, does not require any software, and is easily reversed. To see how to configure your computer or network to use DNS Advantage, use the tabs above to navigate to the Switch Now section.

Can I manage my DNS records for my domain(s) through DNS Advantage?

No. DNS Advantage is a recursive DNS service. To manage your DNS records, you need an authoritative DNS service like Neustar's award-winning external DNS solution.

Will your services interfere with any of the websites or other services I use?

There should be no interference reaching websites or services outside of your local network. Utilizing fully qualified Internet addresses on properly configured local networks will also result in the proper response while trying to reach local servers or services within your network. Please feel free to contact us to get further details if you have any issues reaching local servers or services within your network so we can assist you. Please note in an effort to provide a better user experience and to remain consistent with current Internet trends (i.e. Microsoft IE users, Google Toolbar customers, Registrars, ISPs, etc.) we do not return "NX Domain" responses for domains that do not exist, but rather a DNS Advantage search page similar to those returned by Microsoft Live or Google.

How do I start using DNS Advantage?

Simply change your DNS settings to use the DNS Advantage servers:

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