Make a DDoS Direct Connection with Neustar NetProtect

Own a more robust, less complex mitigation solution by eliminating unnecessary network entry points.

When you're considered the industry leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, the expectations are high for the next generation of innovative cybersecurity solutions. With hackers always trying to develop new ways to cause havoc and breach a company's defensive network, the need for advanced "always on, always ready" DDoS mitigation options has never been more urgent.

In our latest DDoS report, our research showed that an organization's chances of coming under a DDoS attack is 80%, and that if you are attacked, you can expect repeated assaults on your systems.

Neustar NetProtect is the newest addition to our cybersecurity suite of products, engineered to give organizations the most powerful tools to combat the latest threats to their network defenses and stop malicious activity before it even gets started. Already boasting the largest dedicated DDoS mitigation network in the world, currently at 10Tbps and soon to climb to 11Tbps, Neustar has launched this cloud-based defense service that features a direct connection to 61 data centers scattered globally across 10 different countries.

Neustar NetProtect is designed to complement Neustar SiteProtect® NG, our DDoS mitigation solution that protects against web application attacks, which have become a very popular tactic with hackers over the past year.

Why is a direct connection important?

By strategically situating the NetProtect network directly inside data centers, it addresses and mitigates, or entirely avoids, the concerns of latency, complexity and other anomalies that are commonly associated with legacy Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel systems.

Created specifically for demanding and advanced network requirements that require support beyond basic proxy or VPN services, Neustar NetProtect is focused on transmitting sensitive data quickly and securely.

Our strategic fortification of a vast data-center ecosystem, in combination with our design and implementation of the new NetProtect solution, decreases complexity for your business infrastructure systems. These kinds of system simplifications have traditionally presented technical challenges because it would necessitate an overlay network on top of a physical network in order to facilitate the transfer of data between multiple locations.

What makes Neustar NetProtect unique?

Unlike legacy tunneling services, Neustar NetProtect doesn't require additional software or hardware to transfer data across networks. And since NetProtect connects directly within the data center, it eliminates the introduction of unnecessary entry points on the network. The associated risk posed by additional entry points can lead to an increase of malicious traffic or impair/complicate your ability to define your own routing policies. In addition, reducing susceptibility to variances and vulnerabilities derived from traversing external locations allows Neustar to decrease associated issues, such as network-connection latency and fragmentation.

With plans to expand our presence into 14 countries and more than 80 data centers within the next 6 months, Neustar NetProtect will be one of the most robust "always-on, always ready" DDoS defense services in the industry that offers a direct connection. The technologically advanced solution is unparalleled in its ability to connect mission-critical network applications directly across global facilities, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you've deployed advanced defenses across any application in your network.