Neustar SiteProtect-DDoS Detection & Alerting

Let the experts do it for you.


Over 2,000 DDoS attacks every day

65% of organizations see 3 or more attacks each year

DDoS attacks can cost up to $100K per hour

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate already.

Avoiding the costly impact from DDoS attacks requires constant vigilance. After all, you can’t avoid disaster if you can’t see it coming. But, how do you know the threat is a DDoS attack? Can you distinguish a denial of service strike from other network issues? Are you continuously monitoring your traffic for these types of threats?

The answer is probably no—and with good reason. DDoS detection and alerting aren’t your core tasks. They require dedicated staff and purpose-built solutions, combining to analyze traffic and launch effective DDoS mitigation. That’s exactly what Neustar offers to SiteProtect customers.

We’ll Take Away the Worry

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is on the job 24/7, watching for suspicious traffic both globally and on your network, helping you decide when and how to respond. This unified approach reduces confusion, downtime and revenue loss. During an emergency every second counts. If your ecommerce site, partner portal or email servers go down, you’ll face customer service nightmares, brand damage and lost revenues.

How It Works and What We Do

DDoS Detection & Alerting Graphic

Types of Attacks We Look For

  • TCP SYN floods
  • UDP floods
  • Bandwidth floods
  • Many more

Service Requirements

Routers and firewalls that can export Netflow and SNMP:

  • Netflow v5 or v9
  • Cflowd v5 or v9

As an add-on service to Neustar SiteProtect, our DDoS Detection & Alerting:

  • Analyzes Netflow and SNMP data exported from your routers or firewall to the Neustar SiteProtect platform
  • Baselines your traffic using Arbor® Peakflow technology
  • Proactively monitors your traffic 24/7/365, allowing our SOC to analyze alerts and verify any DDoS threats
  • Automatically alerts our SOC to any suspicious traffic
  • Provides an expert consultation with our SOC—collaborate on when, if and how to mitigate attacks

View Traffic across Your Network

With a centralized view of traffic patterns, we’ll help you decide whether to mitigate or not.

Know What “Normal” Looks Like

With baseline knowledge of your traffic, we can spot anomalies and threats for you faster.

Build on our Global Intelligence

Neustar has monitored and gained insight on DDoS attacks across the globe for more than 10 years. This broader knowledge is invaluable in analyzing specific threats.

Get a Direct Line to DDoS Experts

When a potential crisis is looming, nothing beats an independent assessment from seasoned professionals.

Need Help with Your Implementation?

Ask about our Fast Start packages. Choose the level of assistance you need from our Professional Services experts.

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