Neustar UltraDNS

Secure and Reliable Managed DNS Service


With Neustar UltraDNS You Can:

  • Ensure your website is always available, guaranteeing an effortless user experience.
  • Protect your DNS from outside threats with the most comprehensive security features in the industry.
  • Deliver the fast web site performance times that your users demand.

Today there are over 3 billion users accessing the Internet, a number expected to increase significantly over the next 5 years. These users quickly become your potential customers, and they expect a flawless online experience. This is why DNS is a critical component of your business and online infrastructure. If your DNS doesn’t work, nothing else matters.

Neustar UltraDNS® provides a secure and reliable managed DNS service to help businesses enable and protect their online presence. UltraDNS ensures 100% website availability and optimal performance, with built-in security for superior protection that is scalable to future demands. We deliver for thousands of companies all across the globe, including many of the Fortune 500 and the Alexa Top 100 online businesses.

All UltraDNS services are built on our directory services platform, an intelligent fusion of patented, proprietary solutions and best-of-breed carrier-class database technologies. By utilizing database replication and advanced routing, rather than native BIND implementations, UltraDNS offers the highest degrees of reliability, security and performance. Discover how our platform and the experts behind it support your business and its growing online presence.

" is a trusted resource for business information on the web and UltraDNS helps us insure the integrity of that value proposition."

- Michael Smith, VP and General Manager,


  • Highly redundant network with 30 nodes across 6 continents
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Super fault-tolerant N+1 architecture
  • High performance, low latency response times across the globe
  • Built-in DDoS protection included
  • 24/7 Free Customer Support
  • Load balancing and failover with alerts
  • Geo-IP Directional Routing and Country Blocking
  • Name Server segmentation for added security and performance
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Secure two-factor authentication, Access Control List, SSL protected portal
  • Advanced permissions
  • Single click DNSSEC and IPv6 compliant
  • RESTAPIintegration & advanced reporting
  • Primary, secondary, and hidden master support
  • EDNS0 Client-Subnet enabled
  • SSAE 16, Type-II compliant
  • ApexAliasrecords

100% Availability

Extensive Global Infrastructure

UltraDNS ensures that your site is always online and reachable by your customers. Backed by a powerful global directory platform and a highly redundant network with no single points of failure, we’ve got an extensive global infrastructure with 100% availability SLAs.

Massive Scalability

As your business expands globally, you can rely on the extremely scalable UltraDNS network of 30 nodes across 6 continents.

24/7 Expert Support

A managed service is only as good as the people behind it. No one knows more about DNS than the team responsible for answering over 25 billion queries every day. Count on knowledgeable assistance from:

  • Network Operations Center to monitor your traffic for irregularities
  • Security Operations Center to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks
  • UltraDNS Customer Support to help you deploy and optimize your service

Built-In Security

Non-Open Source Platform

Neustar manages and maintains our own resolver platform. As a non-open source platform, it’s less vulnerable to hijacking, spoofing and viruses.

DDoS Protection

UltraDNS protects against DNS-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with built-in security measures backed by an experienced DDoS response team. The UltraDNS team offers over a decade of experience in fighting DDoS attacks. Their expertise is backed by the Neustar Security Operations Center, which monitors traffic and mitigates attacks 24/7.

Name Server Announcement Segmentation

In some DNS networks, name server record addresses are shared by many customers. UltraDNS keeps these announcements in smaller, more manageable segments to help to eliminate residual impacts of attacks against a customer on the network. This also allows for more highly targeted and effective DDoS mitigation in the event of an attack. Dedicated Segments are also available.

DNSSEC Support

To defend against cache poisoning, support for DNS security extensions (DNSSEC) comes standard. This extra layer of authentication helps prevent phishing and the resulting loss of sensitive data like credit card information.

Dedicated Resolvers

Neustar will assign three, six or more dedicated resolvers to answer your queries only and complement them with our secure shared DNS resources. Gain dedicated processing power along with even greater protection against DDoS attacks.

Email Domain Protection from Agari

Email is the single most used vector for cyber attacks and has played a role in every major cyber attack in 2014. Gain visibility into email-based attacks that are spoofing your domains and DNS and stop the abuse immediately with Agari Customer Protect.

High Performance

Global IP Anycast Network

With an ever-expanding global network footprint, we use BGP and IP Anycast to deliver the fastest, most accurate responses and the fewest dropped queries.

Multi-Tiered Network

Our service nodes are designed exclusively to resolve queries, versus nodes that store and distribute data or report usage. Regardless of traffic volume, this singular focus translates into superior performance.

Traffic Management Services

Basic traffic routing services for monitored load balancing and failover are included services with UltraDNS. Monitor and automatically load balance or failover traffic at the DNS level by distributing traffic among multiple servers. Need more granular control for load balancing and failover or want to configure different thresholds for notifications and traffic routing actions? Our advanced traffic routing services help to further optimize your traffic.

  • SiteBacker: Monitoring & Failover
    Monitor and automatically failover DNS traffic in the event of underperforming or unavailable servers. Utilizing a network of UltraDNS monitoring servers, you can select specific records to monitor and, if needed, have traffic redirected to a “hot” standby. Comprehensive server- specific health checks further ensure your DNS traffic flows without interruption.
  • Traffic Controller: Weighted Load Balancing
    Optimize traffic and network performance at the DNS level. Based on parameters you set, weighted load balancing lets you distribute traffic among multiple servers. Increase the performance and scalability of your service applications while reducing the costs of data centers utilized as back-ups. Traffic Controller also includes the monitoring and failover capabilities of SiteBacker.
  • Directional DNS
    Accelerate service and enable localized website content routing by IP, Autonomous System Number (ASN), and combine with Geolocation for highly targeted routing solutions.

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