UltraDNS Directional DNS

Maximize the Benefits of Our Distributed Network

How can you make your existing infrastructure work even harder for your business? With Directional DNS. This traffic management solution allows you to send visitors to specific servers based on their geographic location. Why do this? Because with Directional DNS you can deliver geographically specific content and images to your end users, which improves site performance and the end-user experience. Intelligence at the DNS level makes this a reality—and it allows your network to function in its most effective capacity. The Directional DNS service optimizes network performance and profitability by improving the speed, functionality, and reliability of your mission-critical Internet applications and websites.

How Is Directional DNS Different?

With Directional DNS you can get very granular with geographical targeting by selecting from over 4,600 different locations. The ability to combine locations, create customized groupings, or activate restricted locales, provides unlimited ways to shape your traffic by geolocation.

With Directional DNS you can:

  • Route and/or block traffic from a country, province, or IP address
  • Integrate with traffic management capabilities to route users by location and distribute the traffic across multiple servers
  • Use one website URL worldwide to provide customized, location specific content for your end-users

Increase Sales and Profitability

Employing Neustar UltraDNS® Directional DNS solution can help you generate more sales, which translates to increased revenue and profitability. How? When you deliver geographically specific content you’re delivering more relevant content and/or more relevant options—and you enhance the end-user experience. You’ll also help prevent site crashes by distributing the load(s).

Easy Implementation

Unlike most other solutions, which are expensive and require vast corporate networks that rely on a major Internet presence, Directional DNS is optimized to operate on the expansive Neustar UltraDNS global network infrastructure. Directional DNS is easy to deploy and use, with no hardware or software investment required. Because it is a fully hosted solution that requires no hardware or special expertise, all you need is a web browser to put the full power, functionality, and intelligence of traffic distribution to work for your business.

Customize Your Customer’s First Touchpoint

With Directional DNS, you can specify different DNS responses based on each end-user’s geographic location. The database used to determine this information is updated weekly and is over 99% accurate at the country and province level. Directional DNS is perfect for enterprises that are dealing with mission critical applications and need and/or want site visitors to see different and specific content depending on where they are in the world.

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