Neustar UltraDNS Dedicated DNS Resolvers


Only with Neustar UltraDNS® can you add dedicated DNS resolver resources to answer your queries exclusively and complement them with our secure shared DNS resources. Get three, six or more dedicated DNS resolvers. You tailor your dedicated deployment to meet regional traffic needs, for example, utilizing multiple dedicated resolvers in Europe. This service is well suited to larger organizations that need a highly reliable, high-performance online presence. If your business is interested, please let us know soon. We’re offering a limited number of these dedicated resources and expect them to go fast.

Concentrated DNS Power

  • 3, 6 or more dedicated resolver instances in DNS service nodes
  • Default = 1 dedicated resolver node per region (US West, US Central, US East, Europe, Asia, Other)
  • Ask about gaining higher regional density, for example, 2 dedicated instance in Europe and Asia w/ 1 in the western and eastern U.S.

Comprehensive SLAs

  • SLAs for availability, failover and restoral per dedicated restoral
  • Automated failover of dedicated announcements into shared environment per node location
  • Guaranteed dedicated restoral on failover within 4 hours at current node or other in region

Detailed DNS Resolver Reporting

  • Display of dedicated instance locations and status in UltraDNS portal
  • Per dedicated node reporting (activity, performance, query type, host response, response comparison and volume changes)

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