Double Your Protection with Neustar DNS Resolution and DDoS Mitigation

UltraDNS and SiteProtect


Every second counts when it comes to your online presence. But so much can go wrong – from malicious hackers looking for a way to disrupt your business and breach your security to load balancing and upgrade errors. And, if your customers can’t reach you, they’ll be off to visit the competition. When so much depends on your online presence, it’s critical that you’re there when your customers want you.

With the Neustar SiteProtect | UltraDNS® solution, you’ll have the peace of mind that your website is always there with the fastest global DNS resolutions, fewest dropped queries and fast DDoS mitigation responses to ensure happy customers. And, with protection at both the DNS and HTTP layers, you’ll be sure your site can withstand the most aggressive DDoS attacks.

SiteProtect and UltraDNS Solution

UltraDNS defends against DNS-based DDoS attacks and SiteProtect defends against HTTP DDoS attacks – allowing good traffic to get to your network.

Neustar UltraDNS®

Be Available 24/7/365

With our comprehensive set of network SLAs, Neustar UltraDNS is your assurance that customers will reach your site instead of being misdirected. As a cloud-based service, it requires no additional hardware, software or inhouse expertise.

Ultimate Security

Protect against DNS DDoS attacks plus safeguard against cache poisoning with DNSSEC. UltraDNS manages and maintains its own industry leading resolver platform; as a non-open source platform it isn’t prone to hijacking, spoofing or viruses.

Proven Reliability

Neustar manages billions of DNS queries every day, powering the success of organizations across the globe. Let us put our managed service to work for your team. By keeping your networks available, we’ll keep you moving ahead.

Superior Performance

Traditional DNS infrastructure routes requests to specifically targeted, individual locations. UltraDNS routes them to the nearest available node through IP Anycast and our proprietary technology. This means your customers receive the closest, quickest, most accurate DNS responses. UltraDNS is guaranteed to answer queries 100% of the time with the lowest response times and drop rates in the industry, even during maintenance windows.

Neustar SiteProtect®

DDoS Protection for Your Brand

With the Internet powering virtually every aspect of your business, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a serious threat. Besides damaging your revenues, customer service and brand image, these strikes fuel doubt about your infrastructure, stability and security practices.

Rapid Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation

Neustar SiteProtect stops DDoS attacks fast. SiteProtect mitigates attacks in the cloud, away from your Internet infrastructure. Traditional defenses – firewalls, IDPS’s, CDN’s or overreliance on your ISP – are often ineffective against today’s complex assaults.

Diverse DDoS Mitigation Technologies

Activated through a simple DNS or BGP redirection of your Internet traffic, SiteProtect absorbs and scrubs bad traffic, allowing clean traffic to flow to your infrastructure. In dynamically distinguishing good traffic from bad, SiteProtect utilizes the unique capabilities of multiple vendors’ DDoS mitigation solutions. We supplement this equipment with proprietary capabilities to create a superset of DDoS fighting tools.

24/7 Expert DDoS Mitigation Help

Based right here in the U.S., our 24/7 Security Operations Center is staffed by some of the world’s top DDoS mitigation experts. They bring years of frontline experience to the job of keeping you safe and are ready to guide you through an attack any time day or night.

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