Neustar DDoS Protection: The Technology


Learn about the diverse technologies Neustar uses to block DDoS attacks quickly and effectively. The seasoned DDoS fighters in the Neustar Security Operations Center explain the need for a full toolset to combat complex attacks. Listen as some of the world’s top DDoS experts break it down in plain English to help you grasp your options.



DDoS can happen, it can strike at anytime, around the clock, 24/7.

There’s so much out there. There are so many unknowns. Everyday there’s some new variant of some new botnet coming out. You have to be constantly on your toes at this job

The reality is that the technology and the threat have changed so much over the last year and a half that anything you bought 2 years ago is pretty much irrelevant. A lot of people fall for the marketing if I have a firewall I think I can automatically withstand a DDoS, if I have an IPS or an IDS I believe that I can deal with these things.

However this doesn’t always work and it’s not the best solution because the largest floods and types of attacks can actually overwhelm a firewall or an intrusion detection service and just pass right through.

What people need to realize is their hosting company isn’t going to protect them if they get a large enough attack. That hosting company is going to shut you off so that they can protect their overall infrastructure and that’s the one great thing about SiteProtect is we are solely invested in protecting you.

The model that we use for SiteProtect and what differentiates it versus what else is in the market and often what we hear from customers is our architecture is far reaching. The technology that we use is diverse in nature. So we’re not just using firewalls, we’re not just using IPS, we’re not just using purpose built gear. We’re bringing all of that to the forefront to fight attacks on behalf of our customers.

Neustar takes all of the devices and all of the technologies that we have and can kind of mesh them together and to blend them together to get the most effective mitigation in place.

Attacks continue to evolve every day. Everyone knows that in the industry so it’s important that you bring to the table technology that can deal with those sophisticated often application layer attacks. And that’s what we offer with SiteProtect.

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