Neustar DDoS Protection: The People


Meet the DDoS fighters in the Neustar Security Operations Center. Working 24/7/365, they help mitigate DDoS attacks and keep our customers up and running. Watch to learn their backgrounds, cyber-defense philosophies and the road-tested wisdom they draw on to keep you safe.



A denial of service attack is truly a global problem and to deal with that problem you need trained experts here, onsite, around the clock, looking at that traffic and making that determination of: Is this benign normal traffic or is this something malicious or could potentially take a customer offline?

The people that we have working for Neustar that fight these attacks come from a multiple set of industries, have typically 10 years of experience or more specifically fighting DDOS attacks and come from almost every vertical you can possibility imagine.

Some come from ISP backgrounds and are very heavily network centric, others come from DDOS mitigation backgrounds, others dealt a lot with firewalling . Lots of different backgrounds and lots of different skill sets that all add to the service.

We’ve never failed to stop an attack and that’s something we are very proud of in the security operations center. That’s something we continue to strive for.

We have been in your shoes before. It’s not just us pretending that we know what’s going on. We’ve been there so we understand what’s going on in your environment and we’re here to help.

We have a lot of passion for this role that we play. We take that challenge head on knowing that we have a service like SiteProtect and its backed by trained experts in our security operations center that all have that same fire in the belly to bring the best service to the customer.

I’m protecting the back bone of the Internet. That’s what we do. It is a personal thing for me.

To know that you had a hand in keeping that up in keeping that service available for that customer, you can definitely get a big sense of accomplishment out of that.

These are truly exciting times. You can no longer take a haphazard approach to denial of service attacks. One needs a dedicated approach and with SiteProtect we bring that to clients.