Your ISP: Not A Great Choice for DDoS Mitigation


Excelling at one thing doesn’t always translate to another. For example, given their technological strengths and the business they’re engineered for, Internet service providers are great at transporting packets. Where bandwidth is the currency, ISPs are solution-rich. But when you need more specialized expertise, they can be a poor choice.

Which brings us to the world of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation. It’s a rapidly changing realm where the right experience can make all the difference between your website staying live or going down if there is a cyber attack. And with each passing year, hackers are launching attacks that are larger and more complex, which requires an industry-leading solution to combat. Your web presence, brand image and bottom line are all at stake. It’s no wonder more and more companies are relying on third-party experts like Neustar to cutting-edge security solutions.

As you decide the best way to defend your company’s interests, here are some things to question before making a final choice.

Ask About DDoS Solutions

Do you have connectivity with multiple carriers?
If so, you’ll need DDoS protection from them all, compounding your costs and headaches. Neustar SiteProtect is a carrier-agnostic solution. It’s one solution from one provider – simplicity by design.

Is your ISP’s first recommendation for you to purchase more bandwidth?
If so, you’ll pay dearly for bandwidth that goes unused the majority of the time. SiteProtect, on the other hand, is an on-demand service. You decide when to activate it and launch mitigation. You’ll pay a flat fee for 72 hours of mitigation, a much cheaper proposition.

Will attacks reach the edge of your network?
If so (and the chances are high) and if you’re hit by a large attack, your ISP may take you offline to protect its other customers. Neustar will never do this. Our aim is to keep you up and running 100% of the time.

Does your ISP’s mitigation service require MPLS connectivity?
If so, look at the costs. Multiprotocol label switching connectivity gets very expensive. To utilize SiteProtect’s traffic scrubbing centers, MPLS connectivity isn’t needed at all.

How large is your ISP’s mitigation network?
Neustar SiteProtect offers a global mitigation network. With extensive connectivity from multiple Tier 1 providers, it has the mitigation capacity to handle even the largest of attacks.

Does your ISP rely on only one mitigation technology?
Not all technologies are effective against certain types of attacks. That’s why SiteProtect mixes diverse mitigation technologies. You get a more complete solution with comprehensive protection.

Ask About DDoS Experience

How long has your ISP been mitigating DDoS attacks?
Considering everything at stake, hands-on experience and historical knowledge count a great deal. Neustar has 10+ years of experience in DDoS mitigation.

Does your ISP have a fully manned, 24/7 mitigation team?
Mitigation technology is important, but so is having a team of experts ready round the clock. That’s why Neustar’s Security Operations Center is ready day or night.

How many staffers are dedicated to DDoS defense?
While some ISPs tout a large total number of security staffers, it may be that only a few are DDoS mitigation specialists. Everyone in Neustar’s SOC has senior-level DDoS protection training and expertise.