Traditional enterprise-level IT security models and tools for authentication, lockdown, quarantine, forensics, legal holds, and recovery have been found to crumble under the scale and complexity of IoT. It’s being predicted that 2017 will be the “Year of the Hack”. As IoT adoption accelerates and cyber-security breaches become more pervasive, this prediction may come true without a new approach to securing a trusted IoT ecosystem.

Introducing an IoT-Ready Approach to Identity Management

Traditional PKI-based identity management solutions are leaving IoT enterprises exposed and overburdened with the need for certificate management of thousands of devices. Neustar, a founding member of the EdgeX Foundry Project, delivers a next-generation approach to trusted identity management, offering the scale and security required for the Internet of Things. By taking a new approach to traditional PKI and providing multi-factor device authentication, Neustar has developed a trusted platform to authenticate and revoke identities in real-time. It also monitors and detects behavior anomalies, along with the ability to isolate and recover from breaches quickly.

Authenticate Identities
Available in real-time, every entity is assigned two keys, which abstract away the identity of the message sender. This allows devices to verify any sender without knowing the identity of every sender.

Activate and Revoke Trusted Status
Also available in real-time, so you can grant and revoke trusted status quickly. Eliminates the traditional burden on end devices to check to see if a message sender is valid and allows your Operations teams to revoke devices immediately from a cloud portal.


Assure and Manage Encryption Keys
Stop and recover from breaches quickly by managing your keys in the cloud, in real-time, without sharing public keys with every recipient.

Analyze Communications and Detect Anomalies
You can monitor and audit communication to establish baseline operations, as well as detect irregular behavior to reduce identity spoofing and compromised systems.


Multi-Layer Secure Access

Developed to support connected devices whether it's in healthcare, oil and gas, transportation and connected cars, or smart cities, Neustar Trusted Device Identity (TDI) secures the entire IoT lifecycle from the devices, users, applications and servers, which provides:

Asset identification and monitoring — identify assets, update asset environments and monitor for policy violations

Data integrity assurance — protect data transmitting through your assets at every level via multi-layer authentication

Detect and predict compromised sensors — identify spoofed sensors through predictive analytics and anomaly detection


Securing the Entire IoT Ecosystem

Neustar Trusted Device Identity (TDI) manages the entire IoT ecosystem, ensuring enterprises, partners, and developers can all benefit from a platform that delivers the industry’s most secure identity management features for IoT.

Neustar TDI ensures enterprises provide secure IoT access with their customers, protecting the enterprise and its customers’ data, services, devices and servers.

Neustar TDI allows technology partners, network partners and system integrators to create a secure ecosystem in order to develop new platforms, applications and services.

Neustar TDI enables developers to have the assurance their applications are protected with the industry’s best security features.




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